Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My Self Portrait: Based on observation

This is my second self portrait that I have done this year. It isn't my favorite piece I have made, but it is okay. I have to admit that this one was tricky. My main trouble was with the eyes. I once made them too small than way too big and than to "they're still big for your face". But finally after several tries I got the eyes down, wooo! The way I did this was by paying attention to the shadows instead of the length of everything on my face.
I completed this picture basically by sitting in a dark room with a studio light, using light and dark blue chalk and black charcoal.
The unit I did with fabric helped a lot with this portrait since it involved clothing.

My Self Portrait: Based on a Photo

For my first self portrait, I looked at a picture that I took using studio lights to make the dramatic lighting. I used light and dark brown chalk, and black charcoal to make this piece. I really enjoyed this project because I enjoy drawing people more than anything else. I have to say doing the projects before really helped a lot because they prepared me on how to shade certain areas (and other important things like that).
The hardest thing about the project was trying to place everything where they are supposed to go. Also, the size of everything, as in my eyes, nose, and mouth. I had to think to myself... "how many eye lengths is my nose? how many eye lengths is my mouth