Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tiny little pumpkin...

This is a charcoal piece I did last Fall. It is of a little pumpkin sitting on a Styrofoam cup. I did this right after looking at some of Jamie Wyeth's artwork. He is the artist that I adore at the moment. His artwork is just amazing! Same with his father's, of course. I really enjoyed doing this piece. The mood I was trying to capture was "hopefulness" because the darkness is behind the little pumpkin, and it is heading into the light.

Monday, July 5, 2010


 On the left, it is a rough sketch of some converses that I did in my sketchbook. The one below is the final project which I did in oil paint. This project is my favorite of this year!


My first piece of fabric is the one below. It was just of a piece of cloth sitting on a wire. I did it in charcoal, erased to bring out the whites, and then used white chalk to emphasize the lights in the folds. This first project on fabric has helped me a lot with making people's clothing look more "real".

So this is the second one I completed in class, it is of a dress shirt hanging on a wire that I had to light drastically. I did this in oil paints. I enjoyed this one because it was more of a challenge than the one above.